To my Love!

My mind,

The angry fool,

Still stuck unpuzzling you,

My heart can no longer wait!

Let these words burst out of me,

Like my soul’s desire to tear towards you,

To mix with yours and become one,

And it would if it were not for my being.

As if fed by the morsel,

It must remain content with your touch,

Your kisses.

Your love is a source of inspiration,

Your eyes are a source of healing,

Your lips parted are silent beacons,

Their call to me louder than a whole world,

Your hands reaching out to me,

Emanating love,

Slow the beat of my heart.

Dear lover of mine,

My gratitude deepens for you,

Each time our eyes meet,

And my mind must now follow my heart.

Published by Lutfi Mahfouz

Greetings, dear reader, pleased to meet you.

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